BS2 BS2 stands for a building with high requirements: Zero emission without surcharge, no compromises with regard to the architecture, high comfort. Based upon a systematic inspection of the building and its environment, BS2 and its components optimize the flow of energy according to the LowEx concept. Energy is harvested when it is available in abundance and is stored in the soil in order to use it again when needed.


casacom casacom offers the easy-to-install, comprehensive, ultra-fast and affordable network solution for the home and office. Based upon plastic optical fibers (POF), it connects high-performance multimedia network sockets in all rooms with any type of interface and W-Lan. It also creates the prerequisites in order to network PCs and printers immediately and obtain services such as analog or digital telephony, Internet, TV, and TV on demand from the provider of your choice.



With digitalSTROM, digitalSTROM Corp. provides smart home technology for every home.
Intuitive to use and easy to incorporate, the technology communicates via the existing power lines and links all electrical and broadband devices in your home.
With mivune as the basis for the dS Gateway, digitalSTROM is now also suitable for multi-family homes and commercial buildings.

Smart Home Center

Smart Home Center The Smart Home Center brings together innovative solution providers that enable all of us to enjoy today the intelligent and digital living of tomorrow in a simple, affordable and future-proof manner. With its expertise in the areas of home networking, home entertainment and intelligent building technology, the Smart Home Center is an expert partner for integrated smart home solutions from a single source.

stream now

stream now StreamNow, a company founded by experienced network and multimedia specialists, offers IP-based media services and internet connectivity via optical fibre connections through the development of innovative products.



2SOL is an alliance comprising leading companies from Swiss industry that focuses on the reliable and economic reduction of CO2 emissions in buildings. Members of the alliance include device and system providers, engineering and planning companies, installation firms, technical building outfitters and facility management providers. 
Within the 2SOL System, mivune performs the integral control and operating functions.