2SOL: the system

The 2SOL total system solution combines carefully coordinated sophisticated technologies for energy production. As part of this system, mivune performs the integral control and operating functions. The user benefits from cheaper renewable energy for the future and can act independently of fluctuating energy prices.

The key components of the 2SOL system:

1. Hybrid collector harvests energy

Building surfaces that face the sun receive several times more energy from solar radiation each year than is required by the building during winter. The hybrid collector harvests the required solar energy in thermal and electrical form. As the heat from the collector is discharged, the photovoltaic system is also cooled, maximising the energy output. The electricity generated in the hybrid collector can be used to operate household devices and heat pumps, or to fuel electric cars. Excess electricity can be fed into the network or a local electricity storage device.

2. Geothermal probe taps the earth’s heat

The earth serves as a seasonal storage unit. Heat pumps allow the heat from the earth below the building to be used for air conditioning and the water heating system. This heat is tapped using geothermal probes penetrating some 300 to 500 metres below the surface, providing heating for operations during the winter months.

3. Heat pump transformer

Heat pumps are responsible for air conditioning and the provision of domestic hot water. 2SOL uses low-lift heat pumps, which are highly efficient during the winter months and produce heat with minimal use of electricity.

4. Ventilation

The heat generation system can be supplemented with the 2SOL ventilation concept. Decentralised supply air units connected directly to the thermal system condition the air within the room.

5. Control system

mivune provides a controller that optimally integrates the various components of the overall system. mivune also offers interfaces for cross-system functions.