A revolution in building technology: <br> Internet of Things.
A revolution in building technology:
Internet of Things.

The digital transformation of buildings

mivune Operating System is used as an open interface between classic systems and the ioT world. The operating system is therefore making pioneering business models possible.

Digital interconnectivity is a comprehensive technology development which is being incorporated
into all areas of life. According to an estimation by the market research company Gartner, 4.9 billion units are already connected worldwide today. This figure should reach five times this amount over the next five years. The Internet of Things is becoming reality – in buildings as well. The fusion of building technology with intelligent everyday appliances opens up completely new application possibilities which will newly define the handling of building technology. The prerequisite for this is the comprehensive interconnectivity of devices, protocols and systems.
The mivune Operating System is the open and platform-independent operating system which takes on the role of the «Gateway» in these control systems. This means that breakthrough product developments are being advanced to meet the increasing needs for services, energy efficiency, security, and convenience.

mivune OS is

  • open
  • flexible
  • modular
  • platform-independent
  • web-based
  • multibus-capable
  • interoperable
  • secure