The new dimension of light control.
The new dimension of light control.

Zumtobel is using mivune OS

With LITECOM, the innovative light management system, Zumtobel has set a milestone for the future of building control systems. With its operating system, mivune AG assumes responsibility for the required flexibility.

Using LITECOM, light solutions can be individually created, controlled, and monitored. Due to its adaptability,the system can always cope with the lifecycle of a building.


Open communication

Zumtobel has placed its trust in mivune OS for the development of the adaptive light control system. The three OS programming interfaces (APIs) connect the light management system
with the different building technology levels, integrating customer-specific web interfaces and protocols.und das System der Gebäudeleittechnik zugänglich gemacht. LITECOM is able to communicate with other services and utilities within a building as well as at management level.

Simple interaction

The core of the mivune OS, the generic data model, controls the interaction between devices and services and their mapping into zones. In LITECOM, the complete physical structure of the
building with all associated technical systems is therefore suitably depicted. Rooms or room sections can be combined as storeys or other building areas to allow all lights, sensors, and
operating elements to be set out in a structure. Because all devices and services are completely abstracted in the data model, i. e. shown in a general way, the configuration expenses are
massively reduced.

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Günther Johler, Director Systems at Zumtobel, about the potential of mivune in the light management system LITECOM:

«mivune OS is the heart of LITECOM. It allows not only traditional systems to be integrated, but also IP-based protocols, thereby giving rise to our interconnectivity capability claim. In the area of Web-Connectivity in particular, mivune has wide-ranging specialist expertise which we are glad to benefit from. Further development of
the operating system, incorporating new technologies and expanding the mivune partner network allows us to develop new market areas.

Read the full interview in our company brochure «Software for intelligent buildings».

What mivune OS can do

  • Web-based configuration and visualization
  • User management, internationalization, timer, configuration, notification
  • Integration of Zumtobel fieldbus protocols already used via driver API
  • Connection to BMS via BACnet and OPC
  • KNX integration
  • Emergency lighting integration