Optimized air quality <br>in every room.
Optimized air quality
in every room.

WESCO is using mivune OS

WESCO BALANCE ® coordinates the supply and exhaust air requirements in all living areas. This is made possible through the intelligent communication between the individual system components.

WESCO BALANCE® is a complete ventilation concept for residence ventilation and integrates all rooms within a residential unit. In this way, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living rooms

are optimally ventilated at all times.

Aligned air balance

With the system variant with AIRBOX®, the kitchen hood is used both as an extractor hood during cooking and as an exhaust air fan for ventilating the residence. The compensation of the air balance is ensured via the decentralized supply air unit AIRBOX® and the kitchen extractor hood. Using the WESCO MULTIFLOW® technology, the kitchen extractor hood can be operated in a combination of circulating air and outgoing air, so that exhaust and supply air quantities correspond in all operating modes, and the air balance is consistently aligned. Apart from this system version, there are other solutions with different device configurations.


The kitchen extractor hood as centre of operations

The WESCO kitchen extractor hood plays a central role in this system. It knows at all times which operating mode the individual units are in and controls the required supply and exhaust air quantities via a digitalSTROM server. mivune OS takes on the control of the hood components fan, flaps and operating panel.The operating system is responsible for the transfer of data to digitalSTROM in order to execute the functions to maintain a balance between supply and exhaust air.
mivune OS also offers many additional interfaces. For example, even KNX can easily be integrated. WESCO BALANCE® thus becomes an open system which can be put into operation with free configuration.

More about WESCO BALANCE® at www.wesco.ch


Beat Ernst, VR President, owner and CTO of WESCO AG, about the cooperation with mivune:

«With the digitalSTROM technology in our extractor hood and the AIRBOX® developed by BS2, we have already utilized two innovation drivers from the Building Technology Park Zurich. mivune has a large amount of know-how with this network and is therefore a competent partner for controlling various ventilation components. As far as the automation developments in the individual building technology divisions are concerned, mivune has expanded its horizons and has already developed interfaces which we can utilize for future extensions..»

Read the full interview in our company brochure «Software for intelligent buildings»..

What mivune OS can do

  • Central control unit for the intelligent ventilation system
  • Configuration-free system control
  • digitalSTROM and KNX connection
  • Scalable kitchen hood control system
  • Internet-based communication
  • Open system due to generic depiction of fieldbus protocols