The intelligent interconnection <br>of residential units.
The intelligent interconnection
of residential units.

digitalSTROM is using mivune OS

digitalSTROM is now also connected beyond our own four walls. Based on the mivune OS, the newly-developed dS Gateway can communicate with other bus systems, whereby digitalSTROM units in apartment blocks can also be managed through a higher level control.

The smart home technology digitalSTROM communicates via the existing electricity cables, thereby interconnecting the electrical units in a house or apartment. Used in apartment blocks, each digitalSTROM apartment forms an autonomous unit. With the newly-developed digitalSTROM Gateway (dSG), these apartments can now also be managed by a higher level control (either individually or in groups) on a storey of the building. This is for example particularly useful if a storm is forecast. Using the dSG, KNX-based weather stations can easily be integrated into the digitalSTROM-interconnected apartment. In case a storm is brewing, action can be taken quickly and efficiently: all awnings and blinds on the affected facade surface will be raised simultaneously, regardless of whether the apartment owners or tenants are home at the time or not.

mivune as a translator

mivune OS provides the intelligence of the dSG to translate KNX logics into digitalSTROM commands. In the generic data model of the operating system, the devices and services are represented in a general manner and thus permits the « translation » from the KNX into the digitalSTROM world. The interface for the connection of bus systems provides a wide range of new application possibilities. In addition to the higher level blinds control, for example, generally managed security and air conditioning functions can be configured. In this way, digitalSTROM
can also be used in functional buildings.

Martin Vesper, CEO of digitalSTROM AG, about the tasks of mivune in dSG:

«In a digitalSTROM interconnected apartment, some units are «The servant of two masters»: on the one hand the user in the residence and on the other, the building owner or manager who is interested in the building as a whole. mivune connects these residential units on the one hand, but also ensures they are securely technically separated. If we wish to meet the needs for service and protection at a building level, it must be possible to dynamically relieve the user of rights. mivune defines when which of these units can be applied.»

Read the full interview in our company brochure «Software for intelligent buildings».

What mivune OS can do

  • KNX connection to digitalSTROM
  • Web-based configuration and representation of current values and unit statuses
  • Multi-controller functionality for the distribution of configuration and updates from one dSG to several
  • Abstraction layer with runtime environment / data model