The modular system for future-oriented automation
The modular system for future-oriented automation

Our technology: mivune Operating System

mivune OS, the operating system for modern buildings, ensures direct communication between the various technical building services.

The multibus-compatible, platform-independent operating system is open to all customer-specific demands. It can be configurated and controlled in realtime via a web browser without any problems. The connection on the application level is also performed via open web standards. Individual services and applications can be created with the aid of these programming interfaces. The intelligence distributed on the computer (automation level) and the actuators or sensors (field level) enables fast response times and also guarantees a high functional and operating safety. Furthermore, it makes the system scalable, i.e. it can be used in multi-controller mode. The operating system is also open for the import from other systems, e.g. CAD plans. Alongside the pure data model and tailor-made software components, mivune also offers supplementary products that can be further developed in a customer-specific manner. This includes a control app, diverse visualizations as well as a widget-based configuration interface.

All elements are explained clearly within the mivune OS’ system architecture. The individual buttons can be selected directly. You can browse through the different elements here.

mivune OS is

  • open
  • flexible
  • modular
  • platform-independent
  • web-based
  • multibus-capable
  • interoperable
  • secure