Multibus capability

In this example, air quality in a meeting room is managed according to the room occupancy. The optimization of air quality is triggered by the digitalSTROM-controlled light switch. When it is switched on, the target values for CO2and temperature are adjusted. </19 The VAV-Compact controller managed by the Belimo MP-Bus then regulates the volume flow using the new target values as reference points. Actual values (for CO2, temperature, humidity, VOC) are supplied by a Belimo combined room sensor. 
mivune OS also allows the system to be operated using an iPad and provides remote access, enabling convenient remote management of the system.

System Architecture overview

The devices

1. Fan
2. Volume flow controller VAV-Compact LMV-D3-MP
3. Damper actuator LM24A-MP
4. digitalSTROM light
5. digitalSTROM switch
6. digitalSTROM sub-distribution with mivune OS components
7. Combined room sensor MS24A-R08-MPX