Just as you want it.
Just as you want it.
GUI for Configuration, Administration and Visualisation Building Automation System External Applications Multi-Controller Operation Data Logging Notification Internationalisation Configuration Network Event Processing User Managemet Timer/Calendar Debugging Administration Services/Applications Automation Service API Data Model Fieldbus API Fieldbus Driver Web Server BACnet/Modbus/OPC Adapter Customer-specific Adapter Data Acess API
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  • Project planning via an online or off-line configurator based on HTTP
  • Use the configurator with several persons simultaneously
  • Display the current status from the mivune Runtime environment with the online configurator
  • Use the simulation environment in the online configurator for troubleshooting (debugging)
  • Interface for the initial commissioning of a customer system
  • Set-up options for the basic parameterisation of the system
  • Set-up option for customer parameters, such as set values, timers or user management
  • Save customer-specific visualisations
  • Automatically generate visualisations
  • Build-up and change visualisations (HTML) according to customer request
  • Data is pushed and displayed from the mivune OS Web server (HTTP), regardless of whether it is needed in the browser or in the iPhone app