All systems come together with mivune.
All systems come together with mivune.
GUI for Configuration, Administration and Visualisation Building Automation System External Applications Multi-Controller Operation Data Logging Notification Internationalisation Configuration Network Event Processing User Managemet Timer/Calendar Debugging Administration Services/Applications Automation Service API Data Model Fieldbus API Fieldbus Driver Web Server BACnet/Modbus/OPC Adapter Customer-specific Adapter Data Acess API
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Example of use

The mivune OS can be simply integrated into an existing control environment and can communicate via TCP/IP.

System Architecture overview



  • Support internet-based network protocols (HTTP, FTP, UPnP, Bonjour Service) for browser-based visualisations and configurations
  • Lean network interface facilitates the development of apps (mobile services)
  • Components for the simple and fast development of additional drivers
  • Operate physical interfaces (RS232/RS422/RS485, Ethernet, USB etc.)