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Deployment of the dS Gateway in multi-family homes

The dS Gateway (dSG) is being used in many modern multi-family homes that have KNX-based weather stations for blind control. These can be easily integrated into the digitalSTROM-networked home, as thanks to the dSG, the «KNX commands can speak to digitalSTROM». If there are signs of an impending storm, quick and efficient action can be taken: all awnings and blinds retract together, regardless of whether the apartment owners or tenants are at home at the time.

The Operating System

The mivune OS allows the bus systems to communicate within the dSG and to connect to the building control system.

Several digitalSTROM building units can be controlled together as a single unit. The mivune OS provides the interfaces required for the integration of the fieldbus drivers, the logic of the trigger objects and the web connection for the configuration. The basic elements are also used for event processing and data logging.