With mivune OS to connected buildings.
With mivune OS to connected buildings.

mivune OS for Intel IoT platform

9/20/2016 | | IoT | Partners

Intel® provides a platform for connection to the Internet of Things, thereby creating the basis for the secure collection, storage, and analysis of data. The collaboration with mivune now also enables the US-American semi-conductor manufacturer to integrate building engineering systems. To this end, the open and platform-independent operating system mivune OS has been ported to Intel® IoT Gateway Technology.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has huge economic potential. However, most “Things” are still not connected to the Internet, and security risks are everywhere. The Intel® IoT platform overcomes these obstacles. When combined with solutions from other providers, it creates the basis for the seamless, secure networking of devices, the reliable provision of data in the Cloud, and analysis is an additional benefit. These possibilities increase the economic benefits in a wide variety of industries, now also in building services engineering. The open interfaces of the mivune building operating system enable both lighting, shading, access, and HVAC control systems as well as the building management system to be integrated. 
With the Intel® IoT Gateway Technology and mivune OS, we offer our customers a high-performance and secure interface in the building that is a reliable investment.