Always on the safe side.
Always on the safe side.

mivune OS in use in security technology

11/28/2016 | | Bus systems | Interfaces | Security

SecuriSafe is the IP-based intrusion and access control system made by Securiton, the Swiss specialist in sophisticated security technology. The system makes absolute precision, short response times, and cost-effective solutions possible. Thanks to its modular design, it is extremely versatile in functional buildings. To integrate KNX and BACnet protocols, Securiton has relied on the development expertise of mivune. 

SecuriSafe is more than just an intrusion alarm system. Thanks to IP networking technology, the modular system also integrates access control to create a powerful complete unit. 
The new BACnet Gateway that mivune developed for SecuriSafe now enables the functions of the security system to be displayed and activated on the graphical user interface at the building management level. In addition, mivune developed a KNX Gateway, so that SecuriSafe can be easily integrated into the existing room or building automation system. KNX-based devices are thus also used for SecuriSafe functions. The KNX panel responsible for operating the home automation system can therefore also activate or deactivate the intrusion alarm system, or display alarm notifications, for example.